Pod 299: Two Geeks meet Gerry Anderson! - The Gerry Anderson Podcast

Episode 299

Pod 299: Two Geeks meet Gerry Anderson!

Morgan Jeffery and Tom Eames return to tell us their favourite Anderson series and why their podcast, Two Geeks And Two Beers, isn't really about beer at all... Meanwhile, Jamie and Richard go on a trek in Fab Facts, while Chris is in search of a competitively priced detergent on the Randomiser sofa!

00:23 Welcome to the Gerry Anderson Podcast!

02:07 FAB Facts

08:36 Two Geeks, Two Beers - Part 2

32:22 The Voice Of The Podsterons!

40:50 The Randomiser with Chris Dale

1:03:55 Wrapping things up!

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Jamie Anderson

Producer, writer and director. CEO of Anderson Entertainment. Son of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, and Space: 1999 creator - the late Gerry Anderson.
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Chris Dale

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Richard James

Playing Officer Orrin in Gerry Anderson's last live action series 'Space Precinct' clearly wasn't enough to put Richard off the worlds of Gerry Anderson!

As well as co-hosting the Gerry Anderson Podcast and the almost-monthly Facebook, Twitch, Periscope and Youtube broadcast, FabLive, Richard has also taken parts in the audio series 'Terrahawks' and the pilot minisode for the forthcoming 'Gerry Anderson's Firestorm'.